Convert 5x More ​Conversations into Sales, ​Solutions &

Limitless Opportunities

Are you allergic to small talk?

Does the thought of attending ​a networking event bring up ​feelings of dread?

Are you tired of networking ​and not seeing the results ​you’re aiming for?

About the program...

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This program embodies the “made for ​women by women” philosophy, offering ​a unique approach to enriching your ​sales pipeline with high-value leads. ​Through an efficient networking ​strategy that respects and maximizes ​your time, you can eliminate the need to ​sacrifice precious time for unproductive ​events or engage in uninspiring ​conversations with individuals who may ​not align with your priorities.

Over the course of the program, ​nationally recognized networking ​expert Menna Riley will guide you ​through a step-by-step plan to not ​only become an effective networker, ​but turn those new connections into ​deals, opportunities and lifelong ​relationships.

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Sound familiar?

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Your energy is drained, you’re overstretched, and you ​know you’re missing opportunities and sales because you ​don’t know what to focus on.

You experience fear (and maybe even actual terror) at the ​thought of attending a networking event where you just ​might have to talk about yourself – or worse – pitch your ​offer to someone!

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You’re EXHAUSTED with social media and marketing in ​general... Putting on your sales hat and pitching yourself or ​your company feels ‘icky’ and unnatural.

You put on a good front, but deep inside you’re second- ​guessing yourself and your approach. You know you’re not ​making the most of the opportunities at hand - leaving ​countless sales and opportunities on the table!!

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Many women not only lack a robust ​network, but they lack the ability to ​unlock and leverage those relationships.

- Menna Riley, Networking Expert

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Stop leaving valuable opportunities on the table. Learn the ​proven strategies to prime yourself so every networking ​interaction is goal-oriented.

MAXIMIZE Confidence

Boost your confidence and effectiveness in networking ​environments, making each connection and conversation ​count.

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Who is

Menna ​Riley?

Menna is an executive networking coach ​and powerhouse community builder with a ​proven track record of professional ​networking events that convert ​conversations into invaluable connections.

Inspired by her vision to elevate the overall ​professional networking landscape and ​empower women (and femme-identifying ​individuals), Menna curated one of Nova ​Scotia’s premier event series and ​communities in Leading Ladies Networking.

Her signature events have helped over ​5,000+ women build their careers, ​connections, and community since its ​inception in 2011. Her company specializes in ​dynamic networking training programs for ​associations, firms and individuals looking to ​sharpen their networking presence and ​performance and create connections that ​count.

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Want more details?

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12 group coaching classes with Menna where you’ll get ​targeted, actionable advice to help you activate and ​leverage your network

The actual prep guides and tools Menna uses to show up ​at any networking event feeling prepared, confident, ​energetic and purposeful

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Scripts and sample questions you can use to strike up ​MEANINGFUL conversations (and ditch the dull ones)

Follow-up templates and checklists you can use yourself, or ​hand-off to an assistant, to turn a new connection into a ​meaningful business relationship

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Connection time with your fellow members in our custom ​app – direct message, weekly challenges – it’s all at your ​fingertips!

Special rewards and challenges for completing each phase ​of the program

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The ULTIMATE reward:

The ability to strategically leverage your network and fill your ​business with more qualified top-tier prospects than you can ​handle!!

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Limited places available.